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We are a boutique style Chartered Professional Accountants firm that focuses on working with small to medium-sized owner-managed businesses, non-profit organizations and charities, and individuals. Our philosophy is client and relationship focused with the genuine desire to help you achieve all your short and long-term business and financial goals.

In addition to assisting with year-end financial reporting and providing tax planning advice, we get involved with your business and work with you on a regular basis throughout the year. This can include quarterly analyses of your business’ financial performance, identification of opportunities as they arise, assistance with the monitoring of cash flows and budgets, or just assisting with your bookkeeping and accounting.

Our boutique-style accounting firm is located in Vancouver, BC, and we are a member of CPA BC.

The firm’s mandate is to provide professional accounting services that are value-added and practical, together with the quality and expertise that you would expect from a large firm and the personality and service of a small firm.

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When watching kids trade baseball cards on the playground, one probably doesn’t immediately think of it as a business transaction. After all, it’s a simple trade. Both children give and receive, and if one child gives away three cards to receive one that he truly desires, the trade is considered fair and equal, even if, […]

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