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Cool Sumer-time Tax Relief for Parents

ON June 22, 2017

Sun, fun, kids… and taxes? Yup, you read that right. Now that summer is here, children everywhere are on vacation. And you? You’ve got your hands full scrambling around, trying to keep them occupied, so taxes are the last thing on your mind. Truth is, summer is the perfect time to start planning for the […]

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Summer Job Tax Tips

ON June 6, 2017

If You Read One Article about Summer Job Tax Tips This Year, Read This One Getting a post-secondary education doesn’t come cheap. It’s one of life’s big expenses that many students have to be prepared for. Whether you are paying everything upfront or taking out a student loan, you’ll want to do all that you […]

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5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

ON May 17, 2017

Ahhhh…you can finally breathe a sigh of relief—tax season is done. And if you’re one of the many lucky folks who’s expecting some cash back this year, you’re probably already dreaming up ways on how to spend it. But before you race out to the stores on a wild shopping spree, you might want to […]

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When Can I Expect My Tax Refund?

ON May 15, 2017

Phew! Another tax season has come and gone. But hey, that’s ok. You’re feeling pretty darn good right about now. You squirreled away all those receipts, organized your paperwork, and got your tax return filed off right on time. All that’s left to do it is wait for that juicy refund to roll in. Easier […]

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5 Tax Tips for Students

ON April 24, 2017

This time of year can be twice as taxing (see what we did there) if you are a student. You’ll not only have to deal with the pressures of final exams but also have to file your tax returns on time. And sure, being a student means you probably don’t owe much in the ways […]

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Tax Tips for Newcomers Immigrating to Canada

ON March 27, 2017

  Welcome to Canada! Immigrating to a new country can be an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience. After all, adjusting to a different culture, living in a new home, and possibly even learning a new language can add to the stress of adapting to a new environment. And if that wasn’t enough, new residents also […]

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Important Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

ON March 7, 2017

When it comes to Canadian small businesses, there’s certainly no shortage of them. To date, there are over 1.14 million small enterprises, contributing more than 30 percent to Canada’s GDP. That’s huge. What’s equally as large is the growing need from entrepreneurs for sound tax advice. If you are setting out on the small business […]

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Tax Payment and How to Pay Your Taxes

ON February 3, 2017

Tax season is just around the corner. And even though April is still a few months away, it’s never too early to get a head start on filing your taxes. If you have already finished preparing your return and realize you owe the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), there are a number of tax payment solutions […]

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Tax Tips Traps – Winter 2017

ON January 26, 2017

TAX TICKLERS …..…………………….. 1 PRINCIPAL RESIDENCE EXEMPTION…………………………… 1 EMPLOYMENT EXPENSES ..……… 2 MEAL REIMBURSEMENTS ……….. 2 TAXPAYER RELIEF …………….….. 3 PAYROLL ADVANCES ……..………. 3 OBJECTIONS ……………………..…. 3 CRA STRATEGIES ON OFFSHORE TAX EVASION ……………………….. 4 TAX TICKLERS…some quick points to consider… A review of the Income Tax Act is to be completed by June 30, 2017. The […]

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Tax Tips For Couples Filing Taxes Together

ON January 23, 2017

Marriage comes with tons of great benefits, including some nifty tax breaks. And while a romantic getaway for two sounds far more appealing than a visit to your accountant, the latter could save the both of you some serious cash down the road. So, if you are married or common law partners, here are some […]

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