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5 Reasons Why People Change Their Accountants

ON January 25, 2021

Reasons Why People Change Their Accountants

Although many tend to think of accountants when it comes to tax time, they can do far more for your business than you think. They can find ways to save you money while boosting revenue, fixing your cash flow, managing your debt, and helping with business strategy. They can be a huge asset to your business, so why would some people feel the need to change their accountant?

There are a host of reasons why you might decide that you need to replace your accountant. Here are some of the most common ones.

  • They Are Not Responsive. You are running a small business and have decided to invest in an accountant, engaging a large accounting firm with the expectation of receiving the best service available. Unfortunately, you soon discover that this is not the case. The fact is that large accounting firms serve large businesses that keep them busy. If you are taking several days or a full week to receive a response to your messages, that is not the service you want or deserve. Dealing with a smaller firm should mean greater communication and a commitment to give you the support you need.
  • They Focus on Larger CorporationsWhile it is true that a larger firm may have a broad range of experience due to dealing with many clients, they may not have much experience dealing specifically with your type of business. If your company is small and focused on a niche service or product, larger accounting firms that deal with major corporations may not have much understanding of your industry. You would benefit from working with a smaller firm that has more specialized knowledge that can help you grow.
  • Not Making You a Priority. This is a continuation of the theme from above, where you are not given the attention you deserve. When you first start working with an accounting firm, there will be an adjustment period where each of you learns how the other likes to work and communicate. You will need to learn how to collaborate and this does take time. Usually, however, this can be done within about 30 days. If it takes them two months, then their priorities are elsewhere.
  • Not Giving the Support You Need. You are likely seeing a trend at this point, but if your accounting firm doesn’t take time to explain the work they are doing for you, or if they are dismissive in any way, they are not the ones you want to be working with. If all they are doing is preparing and filing your tax return, that isn’t the service you are paying for. The right choice will not only take the time to explain everything to you but also offer ways to customize their service to suit your needs.
  • Lack of Options for Scalability. As your business develops and grows, you will likely need to scale up. If your accountant does not offer options to do so, then they may not be the best fit for you in the long run.

When you hire an accounting firm, you want to know that you matter to them and that they are giving you business the weight and consideration it deserves. Stop waiting days for calls to be returned and getting frustrated when answers to your questions are not forthcoming. Contact us today to learn more about how a professional accounting firm can meet your needs and treat you the way you deserve.


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