How to tell if Your Bookkeeper Knows What They Are Doing

ON September 16, 2021

Your bookkeeper is an integral part of your team. You need to have confidence in their abilities and trust that they are doing their job correctly. The fact that you have hired a bookkeeper might indicate that it is an area of your business that you are not comfortable handling yourself. If that is so, […]

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Do You Need to Pay CRA Instalments?

ON September 8, 2021

Each year, nearly 1.8 million Canadians are expected to pay income tax instalments. The reality, however, is that many make the assumption that doing so is not truly necessary. They may even go so far as to completely disregard CRA reminders and as a result, they find themselves having to pay interest. Who Has to […]

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The Importance of Proper Bookkeeping

ON August 23, 2021

In recent years, growing numbers of people are discovering that it is possible to start their own business. It may start simply, with the realization that there is a market for the craft items they have enjoyed making for friends and family. They soon find themselves producing on a larger scale and enjoying every moment […]

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Specialty Accounting Niches

ON August 13, 2021

Numbers and math are universal, leading many to assume that the same can be said for accounting firms. Surely accounting is accounting, no matter who you hire, they will be performing the same functions, correct? Although many accounting firms serve a wide range of businesses making it appear that there is a one-size-fits-all solution, the […]

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Why You Should Hire a Bookkeeper for Your Business

ON July 26, 2021

Small business owners may not consider a bookkeeper a necessity. Perhaps they are something to add later once the business has reached a certain size and level of success. Now, you may be keeping your books yourself, but that isn’t why you started your business, is it? Bookkeeping, if it is to be done well, […]

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Valuable Accounting Tips for Business Owners

ON July 14, 2021

For many business owners, business accounting can be an unpleasant distraction from what they see as the actual running of their company. Following some best practices can help to streamline things and make your accounting a bit easier to handle. The Importance of Business Accounting It doesn’t matter how large or how small your business […]

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Are You Getting the Right Level of Accounting Support?

ON June 22, 2021

Like many new business owners, you are more than likely to take on the accounting duties yourself. But if you’d rather be focussing on growing your business, it is a good idea to seek help. So, how do you know what level of accounting support is right for your organization’s needs? Read on to learn […]

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Top 10 Payroll Questions Answered

ON June 15, 2021

Payroll administration can be challenging, with several factors to be aware of. It is also an incredibly important part of your business, with your employees relying on you to ensure that it is handled correctly. It is an aspect of business that you don’t want to get wrong. Here are some of the most commonly […]

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Medical Expenses You May Be Missing

ON May 28, 2021

We all want to save whatever money we can on our taxes. Tax credits are one way to do it, but are you taking advantage of all the credits available to you? Here are some medical expenses that are eligible for the medical expense tax credit which you may not be aware of. Celiac Disease […]

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Accounting Support Levels

ON May 15, 2021

Some business owners try to do as much as possible by themselves. When it comes to something like accounting, however, they may not feel comfortable handling it on their own and may want to have assistance. Alternately, they may simply prefer to devote their time and energy to other parts of the business. When seeking […]

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